"Beauty inspires the heart to experience joy, inspiration and love. Jewellery has been used throughout the ages, amongst every culture. I have been inspired by the beauty of nature to create jewellery from the heart for all to enjoy."

In my home studio located outside of Nelson BC. Canada I design contemporary handmade jewellery. In my work I use a range of materials including sterling silver, copper, gold and precious stones. You can design your own custom jewellery or choose from my collection which includes rings, broaches, earrings, pendants and necklaces. I make everyday wear, sculptural works of art and pieces for healing and balancing the chakaras. You can also consult with me to develop a piece of jewellery incorporating healing gemstones of your preference.




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Jewellery Design in Nelson, BC Kootenays featuring custom silver jewellery by Emmy Bufton.

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